Stop Hatin’

There was simply never a chance for him to be himself. Adored while quiet until he began to use his voice; its how many fans treat their sport figures which are like children. Speak when spoken too, respect authority, understand that you should be grateful and blah blah blah. When you’re loved it’s only until you’re not loved anymore. Derrick Rose recently made remarks during a press conference about his upcoming free agency. Here are his comments regarding allegations brought about by his ex-girlfriend in where she filed suit:

“I’ve been moved on,” Rose said. “This whole summer I had tunnel vision. My mindset was just making sure that I was working out every day, and spending as much time as possible with my son (P.J.). And focusing on those two things. Making sure my family is financially stable, as far as seeing all the money that they’re passing out in this league. Just telling the truth. Just knowing that my day will be coming up soon, and it’s not for me. It’s for P.J. and his future, so that’s what I’m thinking about right now.'”I’m preparing for it.”

Now take these quotes as you wish, as many of you already have. I myself find them to be fake and bs-ish however they also seem to be attempts to say what you want but maneuver in a way that doesn’t ultimately offend. He wants more money because he wants more money. He continues:

“Here, it’s here,” Rose said of where he wants to play. “But when you talk about that much money, the only thing you can do is prepare for it. I’m trying to prepare, not only myself, but my family. And I’m doing this all for my son. Like I said, I’m thinking about his future. Even though we’re all right, we’re comfortable, when you talk about that x-amount of dollars, I think it raises everyone’s eyebrows, so there’s nothing wrong with being over-prepared.”

Now agreed it’s not all for his son. I won’t get into the amount he’s made thus far but surely he’s made enough to raise PJ just fine. I laugh at all of us fronting though; like we wouldn’t attempt the same things in his position regardless of injuries. Yes they make a ton but it’s for a short period. What is the biggest fear of Chicago fans? That he’s playing for money. What do you do at your job? This is America Jack, capitalism. The goal of the game is to stack up. Get what you can while you’re in that’s always been the hustle but we throw shade at athletes when they do it. Here’s the largest confusion, the only way that Derrick Rose can re-up for a mega deal in 2017 is by staying healthy and performing well. So I don’t understand why Bulls fans have a problem with him saying that. Whatever is your motivation is your motivation. If that’s what causes him to play well and work hard then so be it. It’s what we all do. Honestly you’re mad because he has a lot of money and you don’t have a 100th of it. So while you would be grateful for anyone to pay you millions to wear shoes, you get upset because he dare seek out more. Fans loved the 30 for 30 Broke in where they were able to chastise athletes about being dumb with their money but religiously kill them in public for not playing for the love of the game. I see there are just a lot of haters in sports.

The Ethics of Your Business

I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately about companies and their ethical beliefs and trainings. Unfortunately, most companies do not do nearly enough to fully integrate ethics into their workers. A one hour seminar, if even, once every two years just will not do it anymore. You do not see ethics taught must in high schools or colleges any more. You do not even see any sort of ethics being promoted on television (whether they are cable or main stream media does not even matter, unfortunately) of in movies (If the movie happens to be about business, you can be almost certain that there will a number of unethical situations show, whether within business or without). To avoid becoming one of those businesses known for having faulty ethical practices, here are some vitally important ways to get ethics back into the business.

To make the best ethical workers group is to start before they are even hired. Ethics must be strictly stated and questioned during the recruitment and interviewing processes. Strict, and specific, standards must be demonstrated, followed, and insisted upon before the applicant even gets the position. It may seem time-consuming at first, and probably will cost a bit of extra money, but having and promoting the standards before hiring will avoid any problems, most likely legal, in the future.

After you hire the person, and in all training and orientation manuals given and shown to your new and even established employees, be sure to inform and review with them any federal, state, and local laws, company codes of ethics, and relevant policy information that are applicable to your company. Such information may include, but is in no way limited to, whistle blower protection, nepotism, use or company equipment and automobile, financial disclosure, and gift giving and receiving. You would be quite surprised at the number of people who come into a position with good intentions that turn bad, since the ethical standards are not followed or even mentioned. And it would be worse if they followed the model of a dishonest and/or unethical supervisor!

Don’t stop talking about ethics and ethical business decisions after you hire them, either. Maybe your company newsletter can have a section about ethics in the industry or the company. Work groups can also discuss ethical issues for both supervisors and employees.

Finally, during the training process, and also during the performance and annual review processes, be sure to include ethics and ethical evaluations in the plans and process.

What Are The Most Important Considerations In Choosing A PHP Framework? Does Codeigniter Meet Them?

A lot of factors have to be taken in to consideration while choosing a PHP framework. Initially, the needs and requirements have to be considered before choosing a PHP framework. You will have to ask yourself a few questions that will help you make an informed decision.

Here are the questions that you will have to ask yourself prior to choosing a framework.

  • Determine the purpose of your application. You might be willing to start an eCommerce business application or it can be a messaging platform or a directory. Determining the purpose of your application is important to choose whether you want to make use of a platform with databases and multiple servers that would enable faster connectivity or a framework that arrives with libraries and extensions to deal efficiently with credit card processing.
  • Secondly, find out what kind of hosting environment is needed for your business. Check whether your business is going to deal with large information processing or shared hosting environments or a lightweight framework that is self-contained and highly portable.
  • The next question to ask yourself would be how talented and skilled your developers are since these developers would be responsible for the building and maintaining of your application.

Now that you have answers for all the questions you had in mind, let’s take you through some of the popular PHP frameworks and its features which would help you determine which of the PHP framework to choose from.


Coming back to CodeIgniter, it is an easy-to-use framework that is flexible and powerful enough to make use of. CodeIgniter is based on PHP5.2+MVC Framework that are comprised of a great documentation and smaller footprint. You can get assistance regarding anything related to CodeIgniter PHP framework easily from libraries since CodeIgniter has a large community support as a PHP framework.

If you are planning to create small to medium web applications or a content site, then CodeIgniter is the most suitable framework for such applications. It is easier to learn and is among the few that are designed to be user-friendly. It is among the only one which can be learned quickly making it an ideal choice for beginner PHP developers.

Other few PHP frameworks to consider include Cake PHP and Zend Framework.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is among the oldest frameworks and is also among the most popular frameworks. Some of the key features of this framework include,

  • Formidable framework
  • Capable framework
  • Plenty of support features available such as message boards and groups
  • Lot of tutorials available for references
  • Built-in tools available for unit testing
  • Integration with web services is made possible using Feed Parsing
  • Scaffolding is also possible for performing rapid prototyping

Zend Framework

Zend framework best suits users who want to build enterprise-level applications that are complex and also is preferable if you have experienced developers within your organization.

Key highlights of Zend Framework

  • Highly modular characteristics
  • Enhanced built-in support for integration with existing web services framework, unit testing and localization etc
  • Libraries can be extracted with ease for stand-alone uses
  • Strong community support for Zend Framework
  • Stable
  • Secure

Best choice for large-scale applications

Why Spring Is Known As the Mortgage Season

Are you one of the many people who have heard the expression – “spring is the mortgage season”? Have you often asked yourself why?

Traditionally, the period between September and November is the busiest time of the year for real estate agents and finance/mortgage brokers. As this is the time of the year when many people are:

1. Looking at selling and buying real estate; and

2. Looking to take out home loans.

Also, spring, is the time of the year when homes look their best and people are happier to attend open inspections and auctions.

Start Planning

Before you start looking around for your dream home, you should start planning by undertaking the following steps:

Step 1- Presentation

Because first impressions always count to the buyer, it is important to make sure your property looks its best from the moment it goes onto the market for sale. This means ensuring that both the interior and exterior are as presentable and attractive as you can make them.

Step 2 – Perform a Financial Health Check

Just as you have a regular medical check done on your health, you should also consider having a health check done on your finances. Because, performing a financial health check will tell you if your finances:

>> Need attention;

>> Are under control; or

>> Could be better.

The financial health check will help you take control of your finances. So, why not start straight away by using a Budget Planner Calculator to work out what you are spending your money on.

Step 3 – Work out How Much You Can Borrow

Do your sums by using a Borrowing Power Calculator to work out:

>> How much can you borrow? and

>> What repayment amount can you afford?

Step 4 – Get your Home Loan Pre-Approved

By getting your home loan pre-approved, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your loan has already been assessed by a qualified finance/mortgage broker. Also, you will have the upper hand when negotiating the purchase of the property with the seller (vendor) and/or real estate agent.

Step 5 – Choosing a Suitable Home Loan

Once you have sorted out your budget, it is time to start choosing a home loan. When choosing a home loan, it is important to work out:

>> The features you need from your loan; and

>> The cost of the loan in terms of fees.

To help you in choosing your home loan, you should ask different lenders/credit providers for a copy of their “Key Facts” sheet. It will give you the information you need and it will also give you a comparison rate of the total costs of a home loan against other home loans.

Note: Lenders/credit providers must give you a Key Facts sheet for a home loan, if you ask for one (but not for interest only loans or line of credit loans).

Step 6 – Choosing a Suitable Licensed Real Estate Agent

You should consider appointing a suitable licensed real estate agent who:

>> Will assist you when you are selling your home;

>> Will assist you with your property search when you are buying real estate;

>> Has a good knowledge of the demographics of your local area;

>> Has a good knowledge of comparable sales in your local area or the area you are looking at;

>> Will alert you to new listings before they reach the media; and

>> Will be able to offer additional advice.

Step 7 – Documentation

At a minimum, you will be required to produce documents such as pay slips, which can provide evidence of your income.

Selling your current home and buying a new one can be an overwhelming task for many. But, you can ensure stress-free and happy home buying process by employing the services of a qualified finance/mortgage broker. He/she will provide expert assistance every step of the way and ensure that you obtain the best home loan deal.

5 Reasons Why I Use Email Marketing for My Business

One of the ways the internet has made it easier to reach out to your customers is through the use of Email Marketing. Email Marketing is a type of direct marketing method that uses emails as the main method of communicating with your customers. Marketing is very crucial for any business that desires to survive and thrive in a competitive environment, making consumers aware of your products and services gives them an informed decision about your products and how they can be of benefit to them as consumers, when a customer is familiar with your brand and they like your brand, they tend to stay longer with the brand in most situation. While some other forms of advertising such as print and media are great ways to advertise your brand, they are very expensive and require a lot of logistics. Here are some reasons why businesses like email marketing.

1. Email marketing is inexpensive and saves time. Anytime I watch a TV commercial, I try to imagine all the work that has been put in to making the commercial a success. A team of Ad Executives come up with various ideas for an ad to entertain and also capture the attention of their potential customers, next they get actors to shoot commercial, get location, costume… you catch my drift. A lot of time and money is put into making TV commercial a success. In reality, not all businesses can afford to allocate all that time and money for such forms of advertising. That is where email marketing comes in, all that is required is a computer, internet and the ability to write and you can reach millions of your customers at a go.

2. Ability to target ideal client. Every business has its ideal client. Two different businesses that offer the same products can have different ideal customer base because as people we have individual preferences. Can you imagine a company that makes diapers marketing their products to families with teenagers? Since customers have a say in deciding if they want to receive communication from a business by opting into their newsletters, businesses can optimize their marketing budget by marketing only to people who are most likely to buy from them.

3. Ability to personalize messages. Most business love to have the opportunity to send warm wishes or special offers to their customers on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc., thereby promoting continuous engagement with customers. Sending these messages by email is easier and emails can be scheduled to get to the customers at a specified date and time.

4. Increase frequency in reaching customers. Sending emails is as easy as type, read, send and done, in literally a few minutes, you can send emails to any email address. This makes it possible for business to be in contact with their customers several times in one day.

5. Ability to track user engagement and sales. Most Email Service Providers have metrics that they use to measure the success of their marketing campaign. A user can run reports that show the number of subscribers, how many people open emails, click links in the emails and more. A user can set goals for each marketing campaign and see if the goals are met or not. This is beneficial because the business can see what is working and what is not and constantly change their marketing techniques to suit their customer’s needs.